Training to Win !

Creating a wide array of products for law enforcement and firearm training applications.

We at West Coast Ranges have created a one of a kind company designed and run by both a 30 year veteran of law enforcement, Range Master, and 30 year steel fabrication specialist to create products and expertise for all your law enforcement and firearm training needs.

  • 1Shoot Houses

    360 degree safe live fire shoot house

    At West Coast Ranges we take the time to custom design our shoot houses to your specifications. Our moveable wall panels allow you to maximize your space by creating custom and everchanging floor plans.

  • 2Breaching Doors

    Our free standing breaching doors are designed to be resistant and easily repaired for reusable purposes.

    Our breaching doors are designed to be "Man Portable" and easily moved due to our specialized Copyright Design. Made with resistence in mind Our doors can rapidly be repaired and reused at different levels of resistence all with one tool!

  • 3Targets

    Pepper Poppers

    We carry traditional Pepper Poppers and newely designed Self-Riding Pepper Poppers.